Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Phobocosm - Deprived (2014)

Let Chaos Reign:

Enter the dreadful domain where chaos reigns supreme. Phobocosm. Deprived is the first draft of schizophrenic sonic devastation by this Canadian death metal quartet. And the moment you put it on your speakers or headphone it will drag
you to the cataclysmic centre of the murky cover art. So, be prepared for a perennial journey through the darkest maelstrom.

Phobocosm's brand of dark death metal isn't something radically original but still their sound has enough individual characteristics to draw the attention of both the purists and openminded fans of metal and extreme music. The album fluctuates between Immolation inspired apocalyptic atmosphere with heaving chromatic riffs accompanied by traditional death growls, blast-beats and Incantation influenced dirgy inclinations and even rings in a Deathspell Omega tinged blackened undertone which is present throughout.

This assymetrical approach requires adept songwriting skills and Phobocosm have near perfection in that department as well. "Solipsist" and "27 Days of Darkness" are prime examples of grimy and malfunctioned layerings laid in a remarkably catchy structure. Ranging from discordant ambient jarrings to transition between mid-paced bludgeons and relentless tremolo pickings they basically nail in every aspect. "Knives in the Senate House" oozes with black metal riffing in the first half but the tempo crashes into almost Neurosis like atmospheric sludge territory before finishing off with the malevolent blackened death assault yet again. "Drowned" is another example of this intriguing synthesis of Neurosis meets blackened death metal. I hope they make a more pronounced utilization of this style next time around. The closure "Forever in Doubt" is a bit dragging but, nonetheless wraps things with enough grace by
showcasing Phobocosm's full potential which highlights the darkest traits of death, black and doom metal.

So, with pouring quality releases from Thantifaxath, Horrendous, Swallowed and Phobocosm the Dark Descent camp seems to be on a roll this year. Wicked!

Rating - ★★★ (86% on Metal-Archives)

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